Striving for a Stable Sustainable Future

Value Added Sustainable Thinking for 21stC NRG

In facing the…
VAST Challenge of the Climate Change Crisis
and to establish a path to a Stable Sustainable Future it is stridently necessary to unlink economic growth from increased carbon emissions

Chas. Malloy, NRG21C SP

  • NRG21C sees VAWTs as the Renewable energy technology of the next decade.

  • NRG21C sees Utility-scale Solar Farms front ended with Energy Storage, enabling dispatch-able Grid power 24/7 as a really big addressable market opportunity near term
  • Decentralized Hydrogen production via Solar Powered Electrolysis will lead to perpetual Renewable energy production near term this decade
  • Alternative energy using renewable NRG generation(solar/wind) to create H2 is this decades shale gas without the unacceptable GHGs and ancillary environmental impacts such as water waste.
NRG21C issues Value Added Sustainable Thinking in the turbulent and globally critical economic sector ENERGY…The practice concentrations on:
Climate Change Crisis | Carbon Economics |Sustainability ReNewable NRG technologies | H2

Projects & policy strategy delivers…”Success Escalation & Accomplishment leading to a Stable Sustainable Future”

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