EU Taxpayers Fork Out €30+ Billion A Year To Subsidize Polluting Company Cars

Today, six out of 10 cars sold in Europe are company cars, making electrification of the segment “low hanging fruit” for governments to make progress towards their national climate goals. It would also provide cheap second-hand EVs to the used car market. T&E said that by 2025, at the latest, leasing companies should only be buying zero-emission cars.

EU governments should reform the benefit-in-kind taxation, VAT returns and depreciation write-offs received by fossil fuel cars in corporate fleets, T&E said. The EU should also play a role by turning its Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive into an ambitious charging regulation that requires a more harmonized roll-out of charging points at home, work and across the bloc.

Read more: Company cars — How European governments are subsidising pollution and climate change 

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