Nova Scotia’s NRG Future

A vision that strategically and demonstrably outlines the NRG future is a necessary exercise that MUST be immediately crafted in order to secure a Stable Sustainable Future here in our province and serve as a leading influence for the rest of Canada. Components that need policy and statute are the formation of a Carbon and Energy board of oversight, as well as the establishment of a Carbon Bank allowing for a pervasive participation in the growing Carbon economy of our Cap & Trade jurisdiction by any Nova Scotian that mitigates GHGs

Charles Malloy,NRG21C Strategy Partners , 288/01/2022

Recent proposals to the public by the dominant near-monopoly private Utility Nova Scotia Power need to be answered in a cogent manner that stridently favours ratepayers and not a Multi-National billion-dollar company, regardless of its HQ here in our Province.

Here is a recent social media response to just a Behind the Meter(BTM) proposed “cash grab” from NSPI.

NSPI attempting to surtax solar is an industry killer wish list item. When establishing the Renewable to Retail marketplace rules. A similar tactic to grab money off consumers for activity “behind the meter” that reduced grid power consumption was proposed by the overly GREEDY Utility. This matter was unambiguously dealt with then by the UARB and behind the meter, consumer activity was completely off-limits as a revenue source for NSPI.

Nova Scotia needs to get serious about the Energy Future… extract Energy oversight from the UARB( which also decides matters like above ground pools or fence lines) and establish a Carbon & Energy board that is focused on Nova Scotia’s necessary contributions to the Climate Crisis and Carbon economy participation (Carbon will be $170/tonne 2030) As a Cap & Trade jurisdiction, INCREASING Carbon revenue will be an important real dollars contributor to the economic health of the province going forward. Moreover, establishing a Carbon Bank here in Nova Scotia is a necessary policy change to enhance a Stable Sustainable Future #SSF here in Nova Scotia.

Charles Malloy, NRG21C Strategy Partners

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